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     Welcome to the Oneida County Solid Waste Department's Informational Story page. You'll find a lot of very interesting and informational stories here from OCSWD's director of operations Freeman Bennett, as well as from past OCSWD's director Bart Sexton. Stories on how to help our environment, how to reduce the amount of garbage that we throw away, how to deal with certain types of recycling issues, how to handle the disposal of hazardous waste, and a lot more. If you have any questions please contact Brain Dutcher either by phone: 715-282-4945 or you can email him at

Delays, delays
Now, how many times do you know of a business begging for state regulation? Well, Bart did just that back in 1998 regarding compost standards. Quite a number of states already have standards and such states also have a number of active solid waste composting programs. But, this is Wisconsin, Land of Landfills…

Well it’s been over three years and the latest schedule given me by the state for making state compost standards goes until May, Read more-->
Haunting Hazardous Waste
You don’t even have to see the container, because just about every time you enter the basement or back of the garage you can feel its presence. That can of methyl ethyl death pesticide (“the good stuff”), or jar of grandpa’s “special cleaner”, that’s so special it eats metal, has been sitting on the same shelf for lo’ these many years.

You’ve been meaning to take care of it, but just don’t seem to be around during the annual hazardous wa Read more-->
Dumps O’er Wisconsin
Somewhere back in the shadowy recesses of your mind (of course, some of us have longer shadows than others) you may recall that the name Wisconsin originates from Menominee roots and roughly means “the gathering of waters”. Well Wisconsin is fast becoming a gathering place for another flow, namely garbage. In 1999, Wisconsin set a new record by importing over 1.4 million tons of garbage. While most of the imported garbage was from Illinois, garb Read more-->
Been there,…Done that Delays, delays
Demolition Man Demolition Man, demolished
Dump tours Dumps O’er Wisconsin
Haunting Hazardous Waste Hey Buddy, Got a Landfill?
Historical Composting How’d you like your asbestos?
If at first, second If you have a hard time reading this, perhaps you should recycle your glasses!
It’s spring time, do you feel… hazardous? Just sign on the dotted line……
Mercury My…Oh My Mommas don’t let your babies grow up to be junk men
Oneida County Compost, the compost with guts! And, probably for sale this spring! Paper Recycling Exceeds 50%!
Perennial Plastics Problems School’s in
So, are we recycling, or not?! Spinning Recycling Percentages
The Empire Strikes Garbage! The Good Stuff
Tis’ a sad, sad day…..Bob was right?!!! We’re not only still recycling, but it’s easier?!
004 Composting Season Opens! A composter’s guide to better leaf areas in the City of Rhinelander
Earth Day, thinking globally acting localy Governor’s Task Force on Waste Materials Recovery and Disposal: Part I
Governor’s Task Force on Waste Materials Recovery and Disposal: Part II Electronics, We’ll all be in the same boat, does anybody know the words to Kumbaya? If ya’ can’t stand the heat, get out of the compost pile!
Oneida County Solid Waste Department Takes Drugs! Responsible Manufacturers… the rest is up to us!
The Recycling Inspector Cometh… Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

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