Transfer Building is for desposal of regular garbage only The following rate chart is for the Oneida County Solid Waste Department. Rates are subject to change without notice.

(Plastics #1-7, tin & aluminum cans, glass containers under 1 gal size, paper & cardboard go in dumpsters in the middle of the parking lot.)
Please Note: All bags must be emptied and bags put into a garbage container.

Solid Waste
Garbage, Furniture, Misc. Items, etc.
$70 per ton
$13.00 minimum for up to 340 pounds and .034 cents lb/ thereafter
Mattress/Box spring surcharge $10.00/each
No charge for old metal box springs

Demolition Waste
Wood, windows, plaster, drywall, asphalt roofing, masonry, concrete, etc. - only
No household garbage, no plastic, no furniture, no insulation
Please Note: All bags of debris must be emptied.
Demolition loads are subject to inspection. Clean up charges may be imposed on inproper loads.
$55 per ton
$15.00 minimum up to 480 lbs. | .027 cents a lb/ thereafter

If Demolition waste quantity is over 100 tons, a quantity discount may be available. Pre-approval is required. Please call ahead well in advance.

Asphalt shingles and roofing nails - only
No wrappers, no metal - Tar paper, wrappers, wood, metal, etc. must be separated.
$30 per ton
$15.00 minimum up to 820 lbs. | .015 cents lb/ thereafter

Yard Waste
$18 per ton
Leaves, pine needles, brush under 4" diameter
$12 minimun up to 1320 lbs. | .009 cents lb/ thereafter

$15 per ton
$10.00 minimum up to 1320 lbs.

Computer Monitors, labtops, and CPU's
$12.00 each

Printers, Scanners, Faxes and Copiers (tabletop models)
$4.00 each

Copies/Printers (floor models)
$10.00 each

on/off rim $5.00 each
Heavy Equipment $250/ton

Dry Cell Batteries
AAA through D ect, button ie: hearing aid, watch

Fluorescent Bulbs
$1.00/each whole
$1.50/each if broken

up to 36" regular - $25.00 each
Floor model or projection - $40.00 each
Additional charge for broken tv's - $10.00 each

CFC Units
(chlorinated fluorocarbon) refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifier, ect.
$28.00 each

$12.00 each

Propane Tanks
$17.50 each (20# and over)

$1.00 per galloon

Motor Oil
$.50 per gallon.

Oil Filters
$.25 each. Any vehicle oil filters. Bin located next to oil tank.

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